The aims and the objects of the society, for which the same is established, shall be as under:

  1. Enhancing the technical and or managerial competencies of the intended target groups.
  2. Providing consultancy and information resources to promote and encourage performance of technical and management personnel.
  3. To promote entrepreneurship development through training and try-out using the Training-cum-Production Centre facility.
  4. To enable development of new technologies particularly IT related services and applications, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and technical consultancy, projects and services to encompass the demand of the local and global requirements.
  5. To plan and extend the activities of TDP with a view to enable accessibility of its activities and services in State of Haryana, other States and Union territories of the country and to foreign countries as well to make itself sustainable.
  6. Establish a system to ensure quality HR of various capacity building/ training establishments: Establishing/ Strengthening the framework of Institute Management and thus raising the standards of all capacity building institutes.
  7. Creation of a Consultancy Portal (web portal) of Society to create data base, accept on‐line registration, availability of skills and sharing of best practices among Industrial Training Institutes in Haryana.
  8. To act as a Special Purpose Vehicle to implement various skill development initiatives, vocational trainings, self‐employment trainings, entrepreneurship trainings schemes and programmes and other Employment related initiatives.
  9. Get Developed/ designed/ Borrow the Curricula and course material on outsourcing basis or with in‐house expertise wherever possible.
  10. Arrange/ tie‐up/ organise the State wide accreditation programs for institutions, industries, agencies etc.
  11. To implement various skill development initiatives, vocational trainings, self‐employment trainings, entrepreneurship trainings schemes and programmes based on Public Private Partnership on a self‐sustaining basis wherever required/ possible.
  12. To promote linkages with finance institutions and banks for delivery of financial services to the entrepreneurs and industries.
  13. To access funds from Government and semi-government sources, local bodies, banks and other financial institutions, trusts and any other legally constituted bodies Act the State, national, and international levels engaged in lawful activities to promote the society’s’ objectives.
  14. To receive loans, grants, donations and technical services from any bilateral, multilateral, and international bodies such as governments, United Nations, World Bank, International Financial Corporation and other bodies for promotion of livelihoods and natural resource management.
  15. To invest in small scale local infrastructure in project areas that are essential to promote the objectives of the Society.
  16. promotion of arts, education, science, literature, philosophy, religion, industries, skill development, fine arts, etc.;
  17. Promotion of national unity and international peace and amity;
  18. To create sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony, love and affection amongst the people and to help them in distress by taking up the matter with the authority concerned;
  19. To work for the cause of enforcement of prohibition and initiate people’s movement against smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse;
  20. To take up programmes for accelerating the pace of rural development with application of science and technology (techniques and technologies for cost reduction, improving productivity, etc.) especially in the field of water conservation, sanitation, low-cost housing, agriculture and animal husbandry and engineering sources;
  21. To take up programmes for ensuring protection of environment and for regeneration of natural resources degraded due to past neglects; Promotion and extension of appropriate technology including systems having renewable sources of energy;
  22. Promotion of cottage and small scale industries by taking up action research work;
  23. To take up programmes in which science and technology may have major role in improving life, working conditions and opportunities for gainful employment of women.
  24. Promotion of artifacts and handicrafts;
  25. Instruction and diffusion of any useful knowledge;
  26. Diffusion of political education;
  27. Establishment or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms for general public use, or of public museums and galleries of painting and other works of art;
  28. To engage in delivery of citizen services in a transparent manner with use of Information and Communication Technology.
  29. To undertake impact evaluation of economic and social projects.
  30. To start, establish, run, take over or manage and maintain schools, with an object to provide sound pre-primary, primary, secondary and senior secondary education to children by seeking recognition and affiliation from the education departments and concerned Govt. authorities.
  31. To initiate and promote health care, community development and religious studies. To organize medical camps, blood donation camps and eye donation camps for the general public.
  32. To undertake developmental activities independently or in collaboration with other voluntary agencies.
  33. To aid and encourage vedantic studies and spiritual practices with spirit of service to the mankind of being them to understand life in the context of contemporary needs of scientific social ethical aesthetic and spiritual development so that human pance is free wants, war and other evils.
  34. To provide scholarship for bright & intelligent student for attaining higher standards into education of spiritual academic and technical natural.
  35. To print publishing, sell or distribute books predicates, Charts, leaflet photographs illustrating journal, magazines, periodical news letter / paper and other publication on different languages for the promotion of Aims and Objects of the society.
  36. To promote aid and undertake programs of house hold cottage and khadi and gramudyog industries forest and mineral development of local handicraft and other industries for providing self-employment.
  37. To invest dispose off transfer and other wise deal with subject matter of the society in such a manner as deemed fit and proper to do in carrying out the object of the society.
  38. To raise or borrow money required for the purpose of trust/society on a mortgage or pledge of the trust a state or any port therefore with or without any security and at a such rate of interest and on such term as the trust shall think fit.
  39. To arrange and manage the training institutions in Typing, Shorthand, Computer, Fine Arts, Music, Painting, Modeling, Dancing, Yoga, Physical Education and in other professional training subjects.
  40. To arrange/ organize discussions, seminars, conference and other lawful gathering for the promotions of Aims and Objects of the Society.
  41. To establish and manage various kinds of Educational, Vocational, Industrial, Agriculture Research and Training institutions to introduce and develop the professional course and also to arrange/ provide all kinds of educational facilities to the students, scholars, trainees and to other needy candidates.
  42. To establish, manage, and develop such out of school activity-centers for the children of the underprivileged class/section of society where they could have the benefits and joy of participating in sports, games, artistic activities, like clay and wood work, music, dance, painting and also organize educational trips.
  43. To impart free education to the poor, helpless and needy children/students.
  44. To provide food, clothing, medical aid, stationery, transportation, libraries laboratories, reading rooms, hostels, play ground, swimming pool and other required facilities to the students and also to the members of the society.
  45. To accept donations, grants, presents, and other offering (in the shape of moveable or immovable properties) and the same shall be utilised for the promotion of Aims and objects of the society.
  46. To conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subjects relating to education.
  47. To arrange and organize social, religious, cultural, and educational Functions / programmes from time to time.
  48. To start/run the various management & other professional courses.
  49. To make correspondences in lawful manner to solve the problems of the society like recognition of the schools/institutions managed or run by above society.
  50. To construct, alter, maintain all or any part of the property/building of above society necessary or convenient for purpose of the attainment of the society’s subjects.
  51. To purchase / acquire land for schools and other establishments and to construct buildings thereon.
  52. To do perform any other act which may be incidental or conductive to the attachments of any of the object of the above society.
  53. All the incomes, earnings, movable / immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and object only a set forth in the Memorandum of the society and no profit, thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or in any other manner whatsoever to the present or past members of the society or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or the past members. No member of the society shall have any personal claim on any moveable or immovable properties of the society or make any profits, whatsoever, by virtue of this membership.
  54. To appoint, or employ, temporarily or permanently, any person and persons and to pay them, or other persons, for services rendered to the Society such salaries, wages, gratuities, provident funds and pensions, and to introduce and implement welfare schemes, including, but not limited to, superannuation or housing schemes, for the benefit of such persons, as the Society may in this behalf determine; and
  55. To do all other such things as the Society may consider necessary incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above subjects.