The details of policies/instructions which have been issued by this office sought vide letter under reference are as under:-

Sr. No. Subject / Description No. & Date of issue of letter.


(A) Instructions regarding Group Housing Societies
1. Framing of policy for extension in time period for completion of projects by societies. 148-169/09.01.2001
2. Framing of revised extension policy for completing construction on Group Housing Sites allotted by HUDA. 6835-62 / 19.05.2010
3. Provision for 0.5% commercial area in Group Housing pockets / colonies and 3 tier basements in commercial areas 4988-5033/22.07.2003
4. Regarding carving out of regular shaped Group Housing plots. 10940-68/19.11.2008
5. Comprehensive instructions regarding permission for changing the number and size of dwelling units / transfer of membership and increase in FAR, in case of allotment made to societies under Group Housing Schemes of HUDA. 54-112 / 02.01.2009
5.1 Corrigendum of Comprehensive instructions regarding permission for changing the number and size of dwelling units / transfer of membership and increase in FAR, in case of allotment made to societies under Group Housing Schemes of HUDA. 8640-8700  /  04.09.2015
6. Regarding operationlization of the provisions of Haryana Apartment Ownership Act-1983 on Group Housing Societies. 6745-67 / 17.05.2010
7. Regarding operationalization of the provision of the Haryana Apartment Ownership Act, 1983 on Group Housing Socities. 4578/30.05.2011
8. Charging of stamp duty from Group Housing Societies as well as between Colonizers/HUDA. 8880/26-7-2012
9. Policy for fixation of rates of composition fees for compounding the offence as per the provision of Section 24 C of the Haryana Apartment Ownership Act 1983 14287-14315/14-10-2013
(B) Instructions regarding to Zoning Regulation / Building Bye Laws
10. Zoning plans of religious/para religious building sites- Provision of residence for priest/ care taker. 4588-4613 / 01.09.2000
11. Provision of barrier free environment in all new Govt. Buildings and public utilities for persons with disability.  6865-89 /26.07.2001
12(a). Finalization of zoning plan of Multiplex Cinema Complex – Framing of policy. 8733-64/18.10.2001
12(b). Regarding increase in FAR of Cinema/Multiplex sites-Revision in Policy. 492-574/10.01.2014
12(c). Regarding increase in FAR of Cinema/Multiplex sites-Revision in Policy. 3873-954/07.03.2014
13. Instruction regarding procedure for  finalization of zoning plans. 12436-83 / 13.11.2007
14. Instructions regarding finalization of Zoning Plans before offer of possession. 2847-69 /21.04.2009
15. Regarding finalization of zoning plan of various sectors. 12407-435/14.11.2007
16. Provisions of stilt parking in industrial plots. 6337-61/16.07.2009
17. Policy regarding removal of height restriction, permission for four level basement and increase in FAR of institutional plot in HUDA sector. 9602-58    /09.08.10
18. Approval of Double Basement for General Industries in Industrial Area of HUDA- Policy thereof. 10477-10534/07.09.2010
19. Amendment in HUDA (erection of buildings) Regulation 1979. 11544-634/09.12.2009
20. Regarding structural drawing to be submitted with building plan. 10992-11014/20.11.09
21. Regarding allowing access to the roof of the top most floor of residential buildings through covered stair case-allowing exemption in height for construction of mamti. 5722/18.05.2012
22. Increase the height of residential plots & provision of stilt parking 19.08.2013
23. Clarification of height in stilt and staircase area in stilt portion for residential plot 15907-15995/13.11.2013
24. Approval of Zoning plans of Hospital sites. 11636-11670/16.7.2014
(C) Instructions regarding Land Acquisition
25. Site report on application for release of land from acquisition 738-64 / 25.01.2006
26. Procedure to be followed for acquisition of land under urgency clause for HUDA. 11275-313/02.12.2008
27. Regarding reconciliation of land acquired for HUDA.  6338-6419/05.05.2010
28. Land Pooling Scheme for acquisition and development of residential sectors 10431/10.09.2012
(D) Instructions regarding Planning of Sectors and provision of Infrastructural facilities


Provision of land for taxi stand.  4953-79/28.09.2005


Revision of standard road width in sectors 510-33/20.01.2006


General Instructions regarding preparation of residential layout plans 1171-93 /07.02.2006
32. Instruction regarding approval of revised part demarcation plans at local level 1456-60/28.02.2007
33. Provision of sites for EWS housing


1743-68 / 14.03.2007
34. Technical instruction regarding preparation of layout plans etc. 1800-24/15.03.2007
35. EOI for topographical survey overlay of cadastre and preparation of detailed layout of different town in Haryana. 3249-54/11.04.2008
36. Instruction regarding finalization of layout and demarcation plans of shopping centres. 3263-3317/15.04.2008
37. Policy regarding Const. of Day Care Centres 4985-5035/30.05.2008


38. Provision of Poly Clinic in U.E of HUDA.


9309-44 / 22.09.2008
39. Formulation of policy for re-numbering of plots in case of deleted /omitted plots 6149-73/10.07.2009
40. Instruction regarding finalization of layout plans after notification U/S -6 of the Land Acquisition Act. 6790-6816/28.07.2009
41. Comprehensive policy regarding handing over of possession of acquired land preparation of plans and floatation of sectors – Amendments therein. 7885-7997/22.06.2010
42. Revision of Standard Road width in sectors


510-33 / 20.01.2006
43. Broad basing the definition of ‘P’ or ‘SP’ category of Plots in HUDA sectors-partial modification of the policy. 11176-11226 / 25.11.2009
E) Instructions regarding Residential plots.
44. Policy for regularization of shape of residential plots in Urban Estates of HUDA


45. Clarification regarding architectural control sheets/standard designs/ frame control – Relaxation in internal changes.   6778-6800/29.12.2005
46. Composition rates for compoundable violations in plotted residential development applicable to T&CP Department & HUDA.


47. Regarding amendments in compounding policy of residential areas. 6638-86/17.07.2008
48. Delegation of powers to compound the violations made by the allottees during the const. of building on the allotted plots. 10156-88 / 22.10.2008
49. New guide lines for approval of building plans in respect of residential plots (Excluding Group Housing plots). 3726-49 / 13.05.2009
50. Regarding projections in residential plots of HUDA. 5306-85 / 22.06.2009
51. Composition rates for compoundable violation in industrial, institutional and group housing sites applicable to T&CP Department & HUDA. 9427-9510/05.10.2009
F) Instructions regarding Commercial plots.
52. Earmarking of small commercial sites for essential trades in different Urban Estate of HUDA. 800-825/29.01.2004
53. Allowing commercial component in Hotel Sites 16890-937/24.12.2007
54. Guide lines regarding clubbing of commercial site.            5113-35 / 17.06.2009
       55. Relaxation in height norms and exemption of service floor from FAR for HUDA allotted hotel sites above 1.0 acres in size.                8294-8342 /02.07.2010


G) Miscellaneous Instructions




Policy for setting up of communication towers by Private Operators. 5466-5520/20.08.2004


    57. Communication and connectivity Infrastructure Policy-2013 393-395/14.05.2013
58. Computerization Programme of HUDA-up gradation of demarcation plans and assigning unique property numbers 16262-292 /11.12.07
     59. Guidelines for preparation of demarcation plans. 1526-59/6.2.12
     60. Policy regarding revision of Norms/Guidelines/ parameters for grant of change of land use permission for setting up of retail outlet for compressed natural gas/ petroleum/ natural gas station/ petrol pump/ fuel filling station in the State of Haryana.