IAS-deputation-telengana_9TDP is a Non-Profit Organisation which is a Trust registered in the state of Haryana. We offer various kinds of services for the citizens of India, particularly related to Haryana State. As an NGO, we are committed to providing help to Individuals, Senior Citizens, Business and industrial Houses and NRIs. We provide help in dealing with the issues being faced by the people, during the course of their everyday life, with respect to the matters relating to the Government Agencies. We assist citizen’s to interact with the related departments wherever they are unable to resolve their problems. Our aim is to provide this service to the people so that they spend minimum amount of time and energy in long drawn procedures, and can lead a better quality of life. We provide assistance relating the the following Government Departments :

  1. Haryana Urban Development Authority
  2. Industries & Commerce
  3. Environment Department
  4. Excise & Taxation Department
  5. Finance Department
  6. Forests Department
  7. Health Services Department
  8. Labour Department
  9. Police Department
  10. Public Works Department
  11. Rural Development Department
  12. Consolidation, Land Records
  13. Tourism Department
  14. Town & Country Planning Department
  15. Transport Department
  16. Women and Child Department
  17. Technical Education